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Mar 2020
ICANN67 - GAC Capacity Building Workshop on Subsequent Procedures
15:45 - 17:15 UTC
Session Details

Real Time Transcription (RTT) link (scribes): https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=20200309-cozumel3

English Audio: http://stream.icann.org:8000/cun67-cozumel3-en.m3u

French Audio: http://stream.icann.org:8000/cun67-cozumel3-fr.m3u

Spanish Audio: http://stream.icann.org:8000/cun67-cozumel3-es.m3u

Briefing on Subsequent Procedures: https://gac.icann.org/sessions/icann67-session-2-update-on-current-issues-new-gtld-subsequent-procedures

GAC Overview document on Subsequent Procedures: log in required




10:30-10:35 (5 mins)

Welcome, Introductions and overview on Subsequent Rounds Discussion

Luisa Paez, Karel Douglas (Underserved Regions Working Group support and co-chair)

10:35-10:55 (15 mins)



PDP Process and Development in Subsequent Procedures GNSO PDP (5 mins)

ICANN67 GNSO PDP potential outcomes (5 mins)


ICANN and next gTLD Launch Process (5 mins)



Luisa Paez (Moderator)


  • GNSO PDP WG Co-Chairs 


  • GDD 

10:55-11:55 (60 mins)



Subsequent Procedures - GAC overview 


Topic driven discussion

  • Applicant Support Program and Underserved Regions (10 mins)
  • Closed Generics TLDs (10 mins)
  • Public Interest Commitments (PICs) (10 mins)
  • GAC Early Warning and GAC Advice (10 mins)


Karel Douglas (moderator)

Introduction of topics:

  • Luisa Paez, GAC Vice-Chair
  • Jorge Cancio, GAC Member in PDP
  • Laurent Ferrali, Government Engagement (GE)



  • GNSO PDP WG Co-Chairs (policy and ongoing policy development)
  • GDD (policy and implementation of previous round)
  • GAC Support (previous GAC positions and input)

11:55-12:00 (5 mins)

Closing Remarks

Pua Hunter (Underserved Regions Working Group co-chair)