Welcome to the new GAC website! Effective 5 September 2017, new content will be published to this site. If you have difficulty finding information, please email: gac-staff@icann.org. The former GAC site remains available during this transition.

Work Efforts

At any given time, the GAC works to examine a range of issues related to the functions and responsibilities of ICANN. GAC Members use the information to develop policy positions within their own administrations and the GAC as a whole may try to reach a consensus position on particular matters. Having reached a consensus view, the GAC usually then provides advice to the ICANN Board. This section of the GAC website provides the GAC Working Group Members tools to manage their work, meetings, research and collaborative documents. It also provides an anthology of previous GAC work efforts related to each ICANN topic of interest, which is available to any user to review.

CWG to Develop an IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal on Naming Related Functions Nov 18, 2014
GAC Public Safety Working Group (PSWG) Sep 09, 2016
GAC Technology Task Force to Create New GAC Website Jun 01, 2015
GAC Working Group on GAC participation in NomCom Sep 22, 2015
GAC Working Group on Human Rights and International Law Feb 08, 2015
GAC Working Group on Revisions to the GAC Operating Principles Jun 25, 2015
GAC Working Group on Under-Served Regions Apr 14, 2015
GAC Working Group to Examine the Protection of Geographic Names in any Future Expansion of gTLDs Aug 09, 2013
GAC Working Group on Government Engagement Strategy Dec 02, 2015
GAC Working Methods Working Group Jun 25, 2015
GAC Working Group on gTLD Related Issues Aug 09, 2013
GAC Working Group on Capacity Building and Outreach Jun 25, 2013
GAC Working Group on Early Warning and New gTLD Advice Procedures Apr 13, 2013
FoI WG - Framework of Interpretation Mar 15, 2013