Welcome to the GAC website! Effective 18 December 2018, this site is the GAC’s sole web resource for news and information about GAC activities. If you have difficulty finding any current or past GAC information, please email gac-staff@icann.org.

Governmental Advisory Committee

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

The GAC serves as the voice of Governments and International Governmental Organizations in ICANN's multi-stakeholders representative structure.

Our key role is to provide advice to ICANN on issues of public policy, especially where there may be an interaction between ICANN's activities or policies and national laws or international agreements. We discuss issues with the ICANN Board and other ICANN Supporting Organizations, Advisory Committees and other groups and deliver regular Advice. About the GAC


Over its 17 years history, the GAC has delivered 69 Communiques & 365 Correspondences including a total of 203 pieces of Advice that help shape Internet policies and governance.

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The GAC is currently engaged in 24 activities  spanning 203 topics

These efforts are discussed and executed by GAC Working Groups prior to reaching consensus by the GAC as a whole.


There are 179 Members and 38 Observers in the GAC. Membership is constantly evolving. New Members are always welcome.

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