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Pre-ICANN62 GAC Capacity Building Workshop for Latin America and the Caribbean Regions
08:30 - 17:30 UTC-05:00 | Salon 7 | Web Conference Link
Topics: GAC Activities, Government Engagement, Stakeholder Engagement, Underserved Regions WG, Underserved Regions
Session Details





Welcome and introductions





Objectives of the workshop

·      Pua Hunter, GAC USRWG Chairperson

·      Manal Ismail, GAC Chairperson

·      Tarek Kamel, Senior Advisor to ICANN President and CEO

·      León Felipe Sanchez Ambia (ICANN Board)

·      Rafael Lito Ibarra (ICANN Board)



·      Alice Munyua


Chair: Thiago Jardim Oliveira, GAC Vice Chairperson, Brazil


The global Internet Governance Ecosystem: understanding the role of the Institutions involved (RIRs, IETF/ISOC,IGF) and the role of ICANN

·      Oscar Robles, LACNIC CEO

·      Nigel Hickson, (ICANN GE)


Moderator: Alice Munyua


Understanding the ICANN Ecosystem supporting organisations, advisory committee’s  and their role

·      Rodrigo De la Parra (ICANN VP GSE)

·      Laurent Ferrali, (ICANN GE)


Moderator: Pua Hunter


Coffee break



Governments in ICANN: The role of the GAC


Current issues being considered by the GAC and their relevance to Latin American context


·      Jorge Cancio, GAC Representative, Switzerland

·      Olga Cavalli, GAC Representative, Argentina

·      Thiago Jardim Oliveira, GAC Vice Chairperson, Brazil ·      Moderator: Pua Hunter


Understanding the ICANN Policy Development Process

Current PDPs under consideration  and role of GAC

·      Carlos Reyes (ICANN Policy Team)

·      Olga Cavalli, GAC Representative, Argentina


Moderator: Alice Munyua


Personal Data Protection, GDPR  and the current status of WHOIS


·      Elena Plexida (ICANN, GE)



Moderator: Pua Hunter


Lunch break



Security, Stability, and Resiliency (SSR)

·      DNS Abuse and Criminal Use

·      DNSSEC


·      Carlos Alvarez (ICANN SSR team)


Moderator: Alice Munyua


CCTLDs current issues and the role of governments

·      Role of GAC and ccNSO

·      Delegation and redelegation



·      Naela Sarras (IANA Services)

·      Pua Hunter

·      Harmut Glaser (CGI BR)


Moderator: Laurent Ferrali


Best practice and collaboration

Key challenges faced by GAC members


Closing remarks, survey feedback and way forward

Ambassador Benedicto Fonseca, GAC rep, Brazil.



Moderators: Pua Hunter and Alice Munyua