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Meetings & Records

Full meetings of the GAC are usually conducted three times a year in conjunction with an ICANN public meeting. They may also be conducted intersessionally. GAC meetings are usually open. This part of the website provides access to past, present and future GAC meeting materials, including other calls and interactions the GAC has internally and with other groups.

ICANN77 - Session 3 - GAC Discussion on WHOIS and Data Protection Policy (incl. Accuracy)
19:30 - 20:30 UTC
Topics Discussed:
Topics Discussed: RDS / WHOIS
Session Details:

This session aims to discuss status and consider possible next steps for the GAC in relation to deliberations and implementation efforts aiming to establish a new WHOIS/Registration Data policy framework taking into account relevant Data Protection law.

The GAC will be briefed on latest developments and related policy concerns, in connection with: the proposed Registration Data Consensus Policy (EPDP Phase 1); the ongoing development of a Registration Data Request Services (previously known as the WHOIS Disclosure System) as a proof of concept of EPDP Phase 2 Policy Recommendations for a System for Standardized Access/Disclosure (SSAD); the recent activities related to privacy/proxy services, including the Cancún GAC Advice; and dependencies on the scoping of possible future policy work regarding accuracy of registration data.