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Oct 2017
ICANN60 - Agenda Item 12 - Meeting with Amazon.com
13:30 - 14:00 UTC+04:00 | Hall 3 | Web Conference Link | Dial In Info
Session Details

Thomas Schneider, GAC Chair
Scott Hayden, Amazon.com

The GAC will receive a presentation from the Amazon Company, followed by questions and answers.

  • Monitor community developments and report to the GAC (ACIG Secretariat).
  • Relevant GAC members to inform GAC of ongoing discussions with Amazon.com (GAC ACTO members).
  • GAC to consider its position on if and how to respond to the Board resolution and letter of 29 October 2017 (all GAC members).
Session Minutes

The GAC met with representatives of Amazon.com, at their request, to discuss their applications for dot Amazon and related strings. Several GAC members expressed strong concerns about the process followed by the company, the importance of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization (ACTO) as a legitimate political forum for this issue and the possibility of wider impact should Amazon’s applications succeed. A statement was circulated prior to the meeting by Brazil and Peru.

A compromise proposal from the company[1], using a public interest commitment framework, was noted as a matter for further discussion between the company and ACTO members with the ICANN Board in a facilitating role.

The GAC also discussed the request from the Board[2] for any additional information on the GAC’s current advice on this matter by the end of ICANN 61. The Board indicated at the face-to-face meeting with the GAC that it is not taking any action pending the GAC’s response, and that the request does not suggest any predisposition to a particular course of action. The GAC agreed to consider the Board’s request in a way that will avoid any damaging precedents being set.

[1] The Amazon.com presentation is on the GAC website at Agendas/ICANN60 GACX Agenda/Agenda Item 12.

[2] Board Resolutions 2017.10.29.02 and 2017.10.29.03 and letter of 29 October 2017 from Board Chair to GAC Chair.