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Meetings & Records

GAC meetings are usually conducted in conjunction with an ICANN meeting. They may also be conducted inter-sessionally. GAC meetings are usually open. This part of the website provides both GAC Members and others members of the community with access to past, present and future GAC meeting material including agendas, transcripts, location details, recordings and minutes. For GAC Members there is also access to preparatory material ahead of forthcoming meetings such as the draft agenda, briefings and presentations, remote participation details and travel assistance.

Sep 2018
GAC Leadership Call - 26 September 2018
12:00 - 14:00 UTC
Session Details

Agenda Items

Standing Items

1. Review previous C-VC Action Items (Chair and Staff)

2. Empowered Community Administration: Current Issues (Tom)

For Decision


3. “First Timer”/Newcomer Invitations (Julia)

● ICANN invite

● GAC Support Effort Update

4. BGRI Preparations (Rob)

5. Agenda for Bilaterals: GNSO, ccNSO, ALAC (Tom)

6. GAC Briefing (Tom)

7. GAC Leadership lunch meetings (Julia)

● Sunday (no invitees)

● Tuesday and Wednesday (Vice Chairs elect? Additional members?)

For Discussion

8. ICANN/GAC Communications Content (e.g., advice infographic) (Rob)

9. ICANN Board Resolutions (Tom)

● GAC Advice Scorecard

● dotAmazon

10. Independent Secretariat Follow-Up - (Chair discussion with ICANN) (Manal)

11. Concerns with the release of 2-Characters - ICANN63 Meeting w/ Board (Thiago, Fabien)

12. WHOIS Compliance with GDPR and EPDP (GAC EPDP Small Group, Fabien)

For Noting

13. GAC Questions to/from Board (Tom)

14. GAC Response to CCWG-WS2 (Tom)

15. GAC Input to SubPro Public Comment (Tom)

16. GAC Webinars Planning Schedule (Rob)

17. Operating Principles Update (Feng)

Upcoming Calls