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GAC Advice

The GAC provides advice to the ICANN Board on policy matters where there may be an interaction between ICANN’s policies and various laws, international agreements and public policy objectives. GAC Advice is communicated to the ICANN Board through either a Communique or a formal piece of Correspondence.

2016-11-08 Mitigation of Domain Name Abuse

Topics Discussed: DNS Abuse

GAC Advice

Reference No. :

2016-11-08 Mitigation of Domain Name Abuse

First Delivered 08 Nov 2016 via :

ICANN57 Hyderabad Communique


Consensus met

2016-11-08 Mitigation of Domain Name Abuse

The GAC advises the ICANN Board:

  1. To provide written responses to the questions listed in Annex 1 to this Communiqué no later than five weeks before the ICANN 58 meeting in Copenhagen.


  • The GAC has previously endorsed Law Enforcement Due Diligence Recommendations.
  • While the 2013 RAA addressed most of these Recommendations pertaining to Registrars, the GAC is now seeking more information on implementation of some of these RAA provisions.
  • The GAC wishes to better understand how ICANN is using publicly available DNS abuse reporting resources; and seeks specific information on recent industry developments, and on ICANN’s efforts in setting standards for abuse reporting and performance.