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GAC Advice

The GAC provides advice to the ICANN Board on policy matters where there may be an interaction between ICANN’s policies and various laws, international agreements and public policy objectives. GAC Advice is communicated to the ICANN Board through either a Communique or a formal piece of Correspondence.

2013-07-18-IGO Acronyms

GAC Advice

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2013-07-18-IGO Acronyms

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Consensus met

2013-07-18-IGO Acronyms


5. Protection of IGO Acronyms

a. The GAC reaffirms its previous advice from the Toronto and Beijing Meetings that IGOs are in an objectively different category to other rights holders thus warranting special protection by ICANN. IGOs perform important global public missions with public funds and as such, their identifiers (both their names and their acronyms) need preventative protection in an expanded DNS.

b. The GAC understands that the ICANN Board, further to its previous assurances, is prepared to fully implement GAC advice; an outstanding matter to be finalized is the practical and effective implementation of the permanent preventative protection of IGO acronyms at the second level.

c. The GAC advises the ICANN Board that:

i. The GAC is interested to work with the IGOs and the NGPC on a complementary cost-neutral mechanism that would:

a. provide notification to an IGO if a potential registrant seeks to register a domain name matching the acronym of an IGO at the second level, giving the IGO a reasonable opportunity to express concerns, if any; and

b. allow for an independent third party to review any such registration request, in the event of a disagreement between an IGO and potential registrant.

c. The initial protections for IGO acronyms confirmed by the NGPC at its meeting of 2 July 2013 should remain in place until the dialogue between the GAC, NGPC, and IGO representatives ensuring the implementation of preventative protection for IGO acronyms at the second level is completed.

GAC Acknowledgement of Register Entry

Acknowledgement of Durban GAC Communique.pdf

Next Steps/Required Action

Board Chair letter to GAC Chair requesting information on IGO names and acronyms in additional languages, if any, by 20 September: IGO Names Protection .pdf

Current Status/Communications Log

Reserved names list for New gTLDs published on 16 September 2013 at http://www.icann.org/en/resources/registries/reserved

Board Action (Accept/Disagree)

The NGPC accepts the GAC advice to continue ongoing discussions with the GAC and the IGOs regarding protections of IGO acronyms.

The NGPC accepts this advice. On 17 July 2013, the NGPC adopted a resolution requiring registry operators to continue to implement temporary protections for the precise IGO names and acronyms on the “IGO List” posted as Annex 1 to Resolution 2013.07.02NG03 – 2013.07.02.NG06 until the first meeting of the NGPC following the ICANN 48 Meeting in Buenos Aires or until the NGPC makes a further determination on the GAC Advice re IGO protections, whichever is earlier. If the NGPC and GAC do not reach an agreement on outstanding implementation issues in that timeframe, and subject to any matters that arise during the discussions, registry operators will be required to protect only the IGO names identified on the “IGO List”.



Draft IGO Proposal 10-Oct-2013.pdf

Letter to GAC re Protections for IGO Acronyms.pdf