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GAC Advice

The GAC provides advice to the ICANN Board on policy matters where there may be an interaction between ICANN’s policies and various laws, international agreements and public policy objectives. GAC Advice is communicated to the ICANN Board through either a Communique or a formal piece of Correspondence.


Framework to address DNS Abuse

received: 17 October 2019
to: Manal Ismail, Chair, GAC
from: Graeme Bunton, RrSG Chair

Email to SO/AC/SG Leaders

Hello all, 

While this was not an initiative of either the RrSG or the RySG, it seemed pertinent to share here, especially given the previous webinar and importance of the topic in Montreal.

11 leading Registries and Registrars have come together and used their collective expertise to establish a shared understanding and definition of DNS abuse Using those definitions, the document then proposes a framework for action on DNS Abuse.

Please see the attached PDF or this link http://www.circleid.com/posts/20191017_domain_registries_and_registrars_release_joint_document_on_dns/ [circleid.com]

We look forward to discussing this further with all of you in Montreal and beyond.


Topics Discussed: DNS Abuse