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The GAC regularly considers a broad range of public policy issues impacting the DNS and other matters regarding the functions of ICANN. This work can result in consensus advice for the ICANN Board or public comment guidance to the ICANN community. This part of the website shares information related to those ongoing topics and activities.

ICANN60 GAC Schedule Preparations

Last Updated: 12 Feb 2019
Status: Completed
Lead: GAC Leadership
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20 December 2017 - ICANN published the ICANN60 By the Numbers report, which includes technical, demographic, and attendance statistics. This report summarizes our findings from ICANN's second Annual General Meeting of the new meeting strategy. This report is part of ICANN's commitment to transparency.

By the Numbers Report highlights include:

  • 1,929 checked-in participants, with 718 listing their region as APAC
  • 23% of attendees participating for the first time
  • 407 sessions held, for a total of 696 hours
  • 84,955 schedule website page views
  • 116.6 terabytes of data as network traffic
  • 13% of network traffic was Interrnet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), a 3% increase from ICANN58 Copenhagen

ICANN's goal is to improve on the statistics we collect, and to look for trends by comparing meeting data over time. Learning about trends gives us greater insights into how we are meeting the needs of attendees, and informs the kinds of changes we need to make.

Click here to download the full ICANN60 by the Numbers Report [PDF, 8.4 MB].


Documents, recordings, and transcripts of ICANN60 Meeting preparation calls of the SO/AC/SG/RALOs Leaderships, can be found here: https://community.icann.org/display/soaceinputfeedback/Event+Calendar 

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Date: 28 Oct 2017
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28 Oct 2017 Presentation 1509192000000
Date: 29 Sep 2017
Type: Report
29 Sep 2017 Report 1506686400000
Date: 07 Aug 2017
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07 Aug 2017 Agenda 1502109000000
Date: 07 Aug 2017
Type: Activity Additional Resources
07 Aug 2017 Activity Additional Resources 1502107200000
Date: 29 Jun 2017
Type: Presentation
29 Jun 2017 Presentation 1498694400000
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Cross-Community Topics for ICANN60.
You will find the compiled GAC replies regarding the ICANN60 Cross-Community prioritization (deadline for submission to ICANN was Thursday 3 August). The list of Cross-Community Topics and additional information can be found in the background documents section at the top of the page.

Additional Resources

ICANN60 GAC schedule preparation survey | 07 Aug 2017 | 
[Google document]