Welcome to the GAC website! Effective 18 December 2018, this site is the GAC’s sole web resource for news and information about GAC activities. If you have difficulty finding any current or past GAC information, please email gac-staff@icann.org.

Work Efforts

At any given time, the GAC works to examine a range of issues related to the functions and responsibilities of ICANN. GAC Members use the information to develop policy positions within their own administrations and the GAC as a whole may try to reach a consensus position on particular matters. Having reached a consensus view, the GAC usually then provides advice to the ICANN Board. This section of the GAC website provides the GAC Working Group Members tools to manage their work, meetings, research and collaborative documents. It also provides an anthology of previous GAC work efforts related to each ICANN topic of interest, which is available to any user to review.

GAC PSWG Members

Members list

GAC member/ ObserverContact
African Union Commission

Alice Munyua (Co-Chair)
Moctar Yedaly
Adil Suleiman


Olga Cavalli
Miguel Ignacio Estrada
Maria Cecilia Pérez Araujo
Ezequiel Sallis, Buenos Aires Police

Australia Annaliese Williams
Adrian Norris
Glyn Lewis
Belgium Jean-Philippe Moiny
Fernand Van Gansbeke
Ruben Verstraete

Andreea Todoran
Maury Medjuck, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Doug Ross, Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Ian Roger, Competition Bureau
Michael Selvadurai, Competition Bureau
Andre Leduc, Industry Canada
Pamela Miller
Christian Dumas
Erin Dorgan
Luisa Paez

Council of Europe (CoE)

Lee Hibbard
Alexander Seger
Alexandru Frunza
Matteo Lucchetti
Gioia Scappucci
Pierluigi Perri
Sophie Kwasny
Peter Kimpian

Columbia Claudia Ximana Bustamente
China Guo Feng
Denmark Julia Wolman
Finn Petersen
Dominica, Commonwealth of ThomasBenette

Manal Ismail

Ahmed Helmy

Salma Hafez

European Commission

Tjabbe Bos
Megan Richards
Cathrin Bauer-Bulst (Co-Chair)
Cristina Monti
Michael Palmer

EUROPOL Gregory Mounier
Francesca Merletti

Kimmo Ulkuniemi, Police Board of Finland


Sabine Meyer
Hubert Schoettner
Eva Petsch


DimitrisTolmaidis, Hellenic Police - Cyber Crime Division


Ajay Kumar

T. Santhosh

International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) James Emerson

Rita Forsi
Maura Gambassi

INTERPOL Adrian Eduardo Acosta
Kimmo Ulkuniemi
Japan Rika Tsunoda

Miguel Muñoz
Israel Rosas

Morocco Redouane Houssaini
Netherlands Thomas de Haan
Niue Pär Brumark

Belisario Contreras
Kerry-Ann Barett

Russian Federation

Vyacheslav Erokhin

Senegal Amadou Ly

Jorge Cancio
Adrian Koster (Advisor)
Olivier Girard
Thomas Schneider

Thailand Wanawit Akhuputra (Co-Chair)
Pitinan Kooarmornpatana
Artthawit Hung
Panus Rattakitvijun Na Nakorn
Trinidad and Tobago

Tracy Hackshaw
Joseph Dale, Trinidad and Tobago Police

Ukraine Oleksandr Tsaruk
United Kingdom

Mark Carvell
Nick Shorey

United States

Chris Hemmerlein
Ryan Caroll
Ashley Heineman
Laureen Kapin, Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
Daniel Burke, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Kathie Neckers, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Michael Young, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Robert Flaim, Federal Bureau of Invesigation (FBI)
Meredith Burkart, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Iranga Kahangama, Federal Bureau of Invesigation (FBI)
Mike Freeman, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Dirk Ballou, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
Man Tse, Homeland Security Investigations
Mark Hendersen, Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
Amy J Sanbury, US Department of Justice (DOJ)
Thomas Walden, US Department of Justice (DOJ)
Carmen Alvarez, US Department of Justice (DOJ)
Herbert Freeman, US Department of Justice (DOJ)
Ethan Arenson, US Department of Justice (DOJ)
James Emerson, Law Enforcement Online
Nelson Kuan, US Securities and Exchange Commission
James Beard, US Department of Homeland Security

Venezuela Jesus Rivera

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