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Совещания и материалы

Полномасштабные совещания GAC обычно проводятся трижды в год параллельно с открытыми конференциями ICANN. Иногда они также проходят и между конференциями. Совещания GAC обычно проходят в открытом формате. В этой части сайта доступны материалы прошлых, текущих и будущих совещаний GAC, включая материалы телеконференций и других типов встреч GAC – как внутренних, так и с другими группами.

ICANN74 Hybrid Meeting Agenda

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The Hague, Netherlands 13 June 2022 - 16 June 2022


Management of the GAC ICANN74 Hybrid Meeting:

(GAC Members login recommended)

The ICANN74 Policy Forum will be held in The Hague, Netherlands. The meeting will be conducted as a hybrid event to accommodate both in-person and virtual attendance. The GAC meeting schedule for the ICANN74 Hybrid Policy Forum has been developed to leverage that new format.

The GAC public meeting during ICANN74 will feature thirteen (13) individual real-time topic sessions and up to six (6) Communique drafting sessions over a period of four calendar days from 13 June to 16 June 2022. In addition to the GAC agenda, GAC delegates will also have the opportunity to participate in one (1) cross-community plenary session on “Five Year Follow Up to Who Sets ICANN’s Priorities?” and a community discussion forum on ‘’Geopolitical Forum’’. Later in each day, participants will be able to participate in dedicated “Networking Hours” organized by ICANN org to connect with other meeting attendees.

GAC Meeting Schedule:

Health and Safety

ICANN org will implement a comprehensive plan to ensure a safe and productive meeting in The Hague, including, but not limited to:

  • All attendees will be required to show proof of being fully vaccinated with up-to-date booster shot(s)
  • Daily temperature checks and verbal health screenings
  • Contact tracing measures (badge scanning at entries/exits)
  • Mask wearing while on-site
  • Physical distancing while on-site
  • Enhanced venue cleaning and contact safety measures
  • Enhanced food service handling and safety for catered services
  • Attendee acknowledgement to agree to health and safety measures

More details on health and safety measures for ICANN74 are available at https://74.schedule.icann.org/health-safety. This information  will be updated as events warrant and as more information becomes available.

Event Registration - Mandatory for in-person attendees

Anyone planning to attend ICANN74 in-person will be required to pre-register for the meeting no later than 8 June 2022. This will allow the ICANN Meetings Team to allocate our on-site resources effectively.  Registration for the meeting is now open. 

GAC Support staff will reach out to the full GAC mailing list to remind/confirm that all potential attendees (both in-person and remote) have registered for the meeting and confirmed their intention - and that of any of their colleagues - to attend the GAC meeting.

Session Sign-up - Mandatory for in-person attendees

Once the ICANN74 meeting schedule is published on 23 May 2022, individual session sign-ups will also be required by 8 June to ensure the best utilization of meeting space. More details will be provided as information becomes available.


At the bottom of this page, GAC Support staff will create individual links to each GAC plenary session to enable attendees to access session connection information and supporting documentation as they are made available.

Calendar Invitations:

It has become standard GAC practice to directly email calendar invitations to all GAC participants for all individual GAC sessions, community plenary (cross- community) sessions and notable community working group sessions. This will be done again for the hybrid format ICANN74 Policy Forum

The initial emailed calendar invitations for individual sessions are typically transmitted to GAC representatives and delegates a week or so before each public meeting. Specific call connection details are then added to the invitations as they become available the day before each session. For ICANN74, invitations are expected to be sent after the ICANN Prep Week.

ICANN74 Zoom and Real Time Transcriptions (RTT): 

  • GAC Members will receive Zoom link and RTT information via email in direct session calendar invite updates
  • Every GAC Zoom room session will have a different distinct web link
  • Links to session recording and transcripts will be posted after the public meeting week concludes

GAC Newcomer Welcome Webinar:

The GAC Support staff will host an informal “GAC Welcome'' briefing call for new GAC participants and those attending their first in-person GAC Public Meeting to provide background information and logistical information regarding the public meeting experience on Tuesday, 7 June at 10:00UTC. Open to all GAC participants, the welcome webinar (which will be recorded for time-shift listening) will be tailored for participants who are new to the GAC or who want a refresher on some of the GAC operational practices and informational tools pertaining to the public meeting experience. 

Given the unique “hybrid” format of ICANN74, significant time will also be devoted to discussing logistical preparations for the meeting. New GAC delegates will receive individual calendar invitations to the call. If you are interested in joining this call and have not received an invitation by the first of June, please reach out to GAC Support staff at gac-staff@icann.org for call connection details.

GAC Briefings

[Until the start of the ICANN74 meeting, this section will be amended from time to time with web links as various pre-session written briefings and other materials become available.]

In preparation for GAC Public Meetings, GAC topic leads and Support Staff have traditionally prepared a number of topical briefings for GAC members that provide (1) basic background information about each session topic, (2) updates on recent developments regarding the topic, (3) previews of the proposed session agendas and (4) links to other resources of information about the session subject matter. These briefings are supported by other ICANN org staff, as appropriate, to ensure factual accuracy. 

As the global COVID-19 pandemic has continued, the GAC Leadership and GAC Support staff have been engaged in a concerted effort to identify additional productive tools to help GAC delegates develop baseline knowledge of the GAC’s high priority issues so that all can participate in the meeting discussions with their colleagues on an even playing field of knowledge. As a result, for ICANN74 BOTH written and oral briefing will be provided to GAC Members for their meeting preparations.

Oral Briefings

The ICANN CEO and org staff will provide an oral briefing for interested GAC participants before ICANN74 Meeting takes place. This briefing is scheduled for 31 May 2022 at 1500 UTC. GAC Members will receive a calendar invitation for this event.

  • GAC Topic Leads and support staff also intend to conduct an oral pre-meeting briefing for GAC participants before the meeting on Tuesday, 7 June at 12:00UTC. The briefing will provide basic and background information on logistics for this unique “hybrid” event and share prep information on high priority GAC work topics provided by committee topic leads as appropriate. 

The materials associated with all GAC ICANN74 oral briefings will be posted here - https://gac.icann.org/agendas/icann74-hybrid-meeting-agenda [GAC Members log-in required].

Written Briefings

Applicable individual briefings for each of the scheduled GAC sessions at ICANN74 may be accessed via links provided below on this page in the “Materials” section of each session link.

Briefings are typically circulated to the GAC Membership about two weeks prior to the start of the public meeting and are planned to be made available on or about 2 June for the ICANN74 Policy Forum:

  • Applicable individual Briefings for each of the scheduled GAC plenary sessions can be accessed via links provided on this page in the “Materials” section of each session link.
  • All written briefings for each of the scheduled sessions may also be downloaded directly from this page. Watch this space for links to be posted approximately two weeks prior to the start of the public meeting:

  • All ICANN74 briefings together as a ZIP file 


  • Individual ICANN74 briefings as a single PDF file 


As developments warrant, GAC Support staff will provide updated materials to various session links on this web page right up until the start of the ICANN74 Meeting.

Other Resource Briefing Documents:

In addition to the resources on this web page, GAC Support staff is compiling preparation materials to help attendees fully utilize the remote connection services and resources that are being provided by ICANN org for the ICANN74 Policy Forum. That documentation is developed for every GAC meeting in the form of a “one-stop” reference manual that consolidates various notices and reminders about meeting planning and logistics. A web link to the ICANN org document will be posted on this page after an email notice is made to GAC Members and Observers. 

As they become available, this web page section will also provide links to preview and briefing documents prepared by the GNSO Support staff and the ICANN org Policy Development Support team. 


For each ICANN Public Meeting, the ICANN organization (“ICANN org”) also publishes a general meeting guide for meeting attendees. That guide can be downloaded from the following link for in person and virtual participants: https://74.schedule.icann.org/participation-tools 

Please contact GAC Support Staff at gac-staff@icann.org if you have questions about accessing any of these briefing documents.


Individual GAC ICANN74 Agenda Sessions:

All GAC plenary session entries below reflect the time of the session in the “UTC” time zone.

Where appropriate, and as they become available, each GAC session link below is accompanied by links to a preparatory session briefing and other materials that are associated with the session. After the ICANN74 Meeting concludes, links to meeting session recordings will also be added to each session page link. Please contact GAC Support Staff at gac-staff@icann.org if you have questions regarding any of these session preparations or arrangements.

ICANN74 GAC Social Event

GAC Support Team is working with a number of different stakeholders to organize one or more social events during ICANN74 for both in-person and remote attendees. The “hybrid” format for the meeting makes this a challenging task. If planning is successful, more information about these events will be shared with GAC members once available.