Welcome to the new GAC website! Effective 5 September 2017, new content will be published to this site. If you have difficulty finding information, please email: gac-staff@icann.org. The former GAC site remains available during this transition.

Work Efforts

At any given time, the GAC works to examine a range of issues related to the functions and responsibilities of ICANN. GAC Members use the information to develop policy positions within their own administrations and the GAC as a whole may try to reach a consensus position on particular matters. Having reached a consensus view, the GAC usually then provides advice to the ICANN Board. This section of the GAC website provides the GAC Working Group Members tools to manage their work, meetings, research and collaborative documents. It also provides an anthology of previous GAC work efforts related to each ICANN topic of interest, which is available to any user to review.


GAC Website Transition

Background, Relevance & Goal

The development of a new website for the GAC stems from a review concluded in Dec. 2014 by the GAC's Independent Secretariat, and subsequent work by a Technology Task Force (TTF) composed of GAC Members, the GAC Independent Secretariat as well as ICANN Support and ICT staff. The TTF"s Project Charter  provides a detailed description of the objectives and vision for the new GAC Website.

On 5 September 2017, the new GAC web site project reached an important technical milestone as the new http://gac.icann.org address started to resolve to the new platform for the first time. While this milestone means that the new GAC web site officially launched, there is much work still to do.

This milestone provides GAC support staff with the opportunity to design and package content in new ways that will improve GAC community records retention and expand GAC and community user search capabilities. It will also enable the ICANN technical staff to leverage and improve on this new ICANN technology platform. For the time being, ICANN GAC Support staff will continue to maintain the http://gacweb.icann.org site to ensure that all existing community content is backed-up and accessible. 

The next couple of months will give GAC Members the opportunity to further experience and experiment with the new web site content infrastructure and help ICANN Support Staff guide the technology team in their continued development work on the site. 

A comprehensive roadmap has been developed to roll out a series of additional milestones in an orderly fashion. Over the coming months, we will continue to release features that add to the robustness of the site with an objective to eliminate any dependency on our previous version of the site.

This page will be updated regularly with the outcome of this work. 

If you have any question at any time about this effort, please reach out to our full GAC Support team at gac-staff@icann.org.

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