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Work Efforts

The GAC regularly considers a broad range of public policy issues impacting the DNS and other matters regarding the functions of ICANN. This work can result in consensus advice for the ICANN Board or public comment guidance to the ICANN community. This part of the website shares information related to those ongoing topics and activities.

GAC Action/Decision Radar

Last Updated: 23 Feb 2022
Status: Active
Lead: GAC Chair

This page will record the regular update of the GAC's Action Decision Radar.


The GAC Action Decision Radar aims to provide an exhaustive picture of all foreseeable and envisioned GAC outputs with an estimate of timing, indications of dependencies, the anticipated level of effort and key reference documentation.


It is available in two formats:

  • a live version at http://go.icann.org/gac-adr (which GAC Support Staff updates continuously as events warrant)
  • a PDF snapshot, circulated on regular basis and memorialized on this page.


It was developed by the GAC Support Team in collaboration with the GAC Leadership and in consultation with several GAC Members who kindly evaluated and provided feedback on an early draft.


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Title Date Type
Date: 22 Feb 2022
Type: Briefing Material
22 Feb 2022 Briefing Material 1645497360000
Date: 08 Dec 2021
Type: Briefing Material
08 Dec 2021 Briefing Material 1638993720000
Date: 25 Oct 2021
Type: Briefing Material
25 Oct 2021 Briefing Material 1635187080000
Date: 14 Sep 2021
Type: Briefing Material
14 Sep 2021 Briefing Material 1631577600000
Date: 03 Jun 2021
Type: Briefing Material
03 Jun 2021 Briefing Material 1622705400000
Date: 03 May 2021
Type: Briefing Material
03 May 2021 Briefing Material 1620077340000